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Welcome to the world of Faolan, the lone wolf from Thúrin...

Faolan lives in the beautiful world of Thúrin. A big continent full of forests and high mountains. His pack shed him as he was a new born wolf because his mother Morag died during the birth. In the course of the story he found a special friend. Someone who changed his whole life...

Our music is influenced by the celtic, germanic and nordic history. We're big fans of the medieval era... a defiant time with trouble, diseases and opression, but a time full of harmony and levity though.

We love medieval food, medieval festivals and medieval markets, but especially we love medieval music. We can unfold us in this way of life. It's like an escape from reality. We're both some kind of connoisseurs and never say no to a good whisky and a tobacco pipe.

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Jordan is an audio engineer, DJ, producer and plays guitar. Occupational he's a paramedic. He loves sailing, sports and hearing music of all kinds.

Daniel is pianist, plays irish / indian flutes and saxophone. Like Jordan he's a paramedic. He's a sailor and loves to play Blues, Jazz and Irish Music. 

As friends long before the inception of Faolan we shared common interests. One day there was this one idea to establish a medieval / celtic music project. This was the birth of Faolan.

It took about 6 months to compose and produce our first album "Chronicles" and initiate everything for the release. We don't have any label. Everything we do is independent. You find every release under our personal label ''Second Era Records''! 

Now with our second album "At World's End" we set new personal standards. A lot better arrangements, New instruments and a small story. As well as the first Album "Chronicles" it took about 6 months to finish "At World's End".

After 1 year, of hard studio work we finally finished our third album "Elements".

"The good thing about being independent is nobody ever tells you what to do. You don't have any time limits or defaults of labels. We can do what we want when we want and how we want. 

So everything we do with Faolan is our personal fairytale..."

Join the fairytale...

Faolan is an old celtic word and means "little wolf". We want to tell a mystical story with our music, every song adds a little piece to the big puzzle. Our aim is to create a whole new fantasy world just with our music!
"Faolan make wonderful music, full of magic and dreams. I am happy to see that my libraries are able to inspire them in their way to such a beautiful world. Glad to be a part of their journey."

Composer, Sample Library Developer

Jordan Dyck

Daniel Karla

About us

"Faolan stands alone. The first time I heard samples of it, I was transported to another time and place. Each composition is truly a musical time machine. With their fingers on the musical pulse of ancient melodic communication the musicians become wonderful mellifluous vessels. Exemplary."

Voice Over Artist

Eduardo Tarilonte
Ed Mace
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